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Breadcrumbs in the admin interface

Under Consideration Jon M. 5 months ago Staff Interface No Comments
3 votes

Set "Assigned to" automatically to the last agent which replied

Under Consideration Atypical6740 Plugins Comments: 1 Reply 5 months ago by Jon M.
3 votes

Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync

Completed Md.Mahmudul H. Domains Comments: 12 Reply 5 months ago by Vladimir
10 votes

Passwordless Authentication with FIDO2 standard (Security Key)

Under Consideration Ethan C. Client Interface Comments: 1 Reply 5 months ago by Jon M.
7 votes

Free Domain on Hosting Package

Completed Jeffric P. Order System Comments: 13 Reply 5 months ago by Kim D.
22 votes

Predefining Invoice Generation Methods when Creating a Quotation

Under Consideration Kim D. 5 months ago No Comments
2 votes

Passthrough tax metadata to gateways (i.e. Stripe)

Under Consideration Peter P. 6 months ago Payment Gateways No Comments
2 votes

Allow selling domain with multiple registrar module.

Under Consideration aldk 6 months ago Domains No Comments
6 votes

Add additional client status of "Closed" and "In Review"

Under Consideration Franz 6 months ago No Comments
4 votes

FreeRadius module

Under Consideration Chris Modules
6 votes

Need Ability to filter Coupons

Planned Adam B. Billing Comments: 2 Reply 6 months ago by Adam B.
1 vote

Support Manager - Data Feeds

Under Consideration Chris B. 6 months ago No Comments
4 votes

Data Feeds

Planned Simon B. Events / Hooks Comments: 4 Reply 6 months ago by Paul P.
5 votes

Domain Transfer Initiated {notice to customer}

Under Consideration Md.Mahmudul H. Domains Comments: 1 Reply 6 months ago by Joseph H.
6 votes
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