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HTML Invoice (So client can see invoice on Blesta without downloading PDF)

Jacob shared this idea 2 years ago

Hello everyone,


I would like to suggest that HTML invoice is created into the Blesta core.


-HTML Invoice should be the default view option.

-A button on the HTML Invoice should have "Download Printer Friendly PDF Invoice"

-Possible option in Blesta to change the default PDF/HTML view option

-Option to click button "Pay Invoice" from within the HTML invoice

-When clicking invoice, it should open a new window containing the HTML invoice

-Options for Admins to customize the HTML invoice template


Currently only a 3rd party yearly paid addon is available for this feature.

HTML invoice (with option to download PDF) is a standard feature on WHMCS when a customer views their invoice. It's included free on WHMCS.

This is a needed feature for both Admins and Clients.

Clients are forced to download an inconvenient PDF from online just to take an glance the invoice from the client portal.

Admins are forced to use the edit option to view the invoice.

The fact that Admins alternatively use the edit invoice to view the invoice, shows that its a lack of basic feature. Workarounds shouldn't be needed to view an invoice, since Blesta is a billing system.

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Comments below are appreciated on ideas to make Blesta's future HTML invoice feature better then what WHMCS has.

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This library could be useful for printing from the html invoice, the pdf version


When might this be implemented into the core ?


When might this be added ?


Why is it saying that is "Your connection is not fully secure" when I'm trying to reach it?


But please, just make that optional. At least here in Austria, invoices must be unique and non-editable (at least in theory). Having a HTML version and a PDF wouldn't fulfil that uniqueness requirement, but the current solution does fulfil those requirements.


Very sad to see that blesta is not having such a basic feature included in its core!

Any updates on this team?


I am not a programmer but wouldn't simply linking to the PDF file be easier? (with the appropriate permissions of course) In most browsers, there is a setting that would open the pdf in a new tab by default which would then give the option to download or print if they wanted to.

Currently the view links look like this

If that were

with a target attribute of "_new"

It would solve the issue of a nice quick view in a new tab without showing editable html.


Your question is an improvement and would go a long way in improving Blesta.

But as you mentioned the PDF click to open is a partial solution: "In most browsers"

Blesta lags behind in technology where other online payment processors excel.

WHMCS, PayPal, Stripe, Quicken Online, etc... They all provide a website interface displaying the invoice (With option to download PDF). Their interfaces are intuitive where you can instantly click a "Pay Now" on the same page you're viewing the invoice.

With Blesta you're: Clicking Download Invoice > Open downloaded invoice > View Invoice > Go back to webpage > Click Pay

That's a lot of unnecessary steps. Repeat that 5+ times for people with multiple invoices for different products throughout the month.