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Invoice suppression

Alento shared this idea 4 years ago

A means to suppress the SENDING of invoices for either a particular client or client group is needed. For example ... I provision and track my client's services in Blesta, but since the Stripe Payment gateway does not support ACH payments, I have clients who I invoice via another platform so that they may pay via ACH.

I need to suppress invoice DELIVERY in Blesta ... I still want the invoices to be generated so that I can track the client in Blesta. I just do not want Blesta to email the invoices.

Suggested work arounds include changing the clients email address - but that causes other issues and is not a good idea IMHO. Another is to disable invoicing in Blesta - that doesn't work as only a handful of clients are affected, not the entire client base.

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Invoice delivery methods of "Paper" will not send the invoice via email. In that case, they are queue'd up for print under Billing > Print Queue. You can periodically go there and just clear them out.

If that's not sufficient, additional details on this would be preferable.. maybe just another invoice delivery method for "None"???


UI literally had a client irritated with me because they did not want to receive invoices. Just receipts.

Yet they have OTHER contacts on their account that DO want to get invoices .

Is there a way to accomplish this ?