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Separate setting for Due Date & Renew Date for Recurring Invoice

TjW shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Currently by default, Recurring Invoice will show Due Date to be the same as Renew Date. I would like to request a separate setting between Renew Date and Due Date. This would be beneficial for the following reasons :

1. Service provider would be able to offer "Use first and Pay Later" scheme by separating Renew Date and Due Date for Recurring Invoice. For example, when a Service renews and the corresponding Invoice appear on the 1st of the month, The customer will be allowed to pay 2 weeks later since the Due Date can be set separately.

2. Grace period practice for loyal customers can be easily accommodated.

I would like to suggest the setting of Due Date under the Service Tab of the Client Page, this way we would be able to setup not only Service Renew Date but also Service Due Date for the Recurring Invoice. Please see the attachment below.