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Invoices from recurring services should use package/service's set currency

Jacob shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration


Currently Blesta will only invoice using the customer's account preferred currency.

My suggestion is to allow tying a recurring invoice to the package set currency. Not the account's set preferred currency.

This will allow for a customer's account to have multiple packages with different invoiced currencies.

== Suggested ability to configure currency via GUI: ==

1) [Admin] It should be implemented as a checkbox under "New Package" in /admin/packages/add/. This checkbox should be labeled "Invoice using selected currency. Override account default currency"

2) [Admin] Under Upgrade/Downgrade of clicking "Manage" to Edit Service under "/admin/clients/editservice/CLIENTID/SERVICEID/". Add checkbox "Invoice using selected currency. Override account default currency"

3) [Client] Under "Change Term" for a particular service. A checkbox on "/client/services/changeterm/SERVICEID" should be labeled "Invoice using selected currency. Override default currency"

This should only be available to a customer if the client group allows for the customer to specify this.

== Examples of why this suggestion is needed: ==

[Example Scenario 1:]

-If a service is set to CAD but the customer's account preferred currency is USD.

-The invoice is generated by converting CAD to USD.

[Example Scenario 2:]

- Service 1: CAD

- Service 2: EUR

- Both services upon renewal are converted to USD

This forced account currency introduces the following issues:

* Forced Conversion Fees. When not required:

- Customer has PayPal business account with all the following currencies $1 USD / $100 EUR / $100 CAD. Customer is now forced to pay a conversion fee by paying a USD invoice, even though they have plenty of CAD/EUR.

[Example Scenario 3:]

Blesta ignores a service's static set package price:

1) Package has the following set prices:

1 month = $1 USD

1 month = $1 EUR

1 month = $1 CAD

2) Customer chooses the $1 CAD option

3) Invoice generated converts $1 CAD to customer's preferred currency of USD. Total is now $0.74 USD (Instead of the advertised package price of $1 CAD).

I welcome any feedback comments or suggestions to improve this potential Blesta feature.

This would benefit Blesta towards better handling multiple currencies for single customer accounts.

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We are considering a simpler implementation where the client's preferred currency can be set to None. In such a case, whatever the service currency is, that's what will be invoiced. See