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Correction invoice for refunds

Danny shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

It would be nice to have any option to record refunds better. In some countries (like germany) you need to create a "correction invoice" if you do a refund.

But it is not allowed to call it "invoice" it must be called something like "correction invoice" and you must add the original invoice number where the refund is for.

So it would be nice to have an option like you click on an invoice and select that you want to do a refund for this invoice. This will then create a new "correction invoice" with negative amount of the original invoice and it adds the invoice number and date of the original invoice there like "Refund for Invoice 1234 from date XX.XX.XXXX" including also the option to edit the text at any time.

It should also be possible to add a negative transaction to the invoice for the refund you done then, to have it recorded and reduced from customer account.

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+1 on this!

Blesta should aim to be a proper billing solution. And as such this needs to be supported. See for commonly used practices/reference!

kind regards


What's the difference between a credit note and a correction invoice? Where is this a requirement?


This feature is still really need, i hope it will be added soon in 2023.