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Invoice Notification Email Send Individual emails instead of a Single email with CC

Thiwanka shared this idea 4 years ago
Under Consideration

Blesta sends individual email notifications when there are multiple contacts added for the same profile. Because of this customer has no idea who else getting invoice notification ( if there are multiple contacts added for the same profile)

Instead of this, I would like to have a single email copied to everyone when sending a notification to contacts.

I tested only in invoice notifications, but assume this behavior shall apply for any email notification generated through the Blesta

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The invoice notice emails are sent individually to the client or each billing contact and are customizable with tags for each specific contact. If we group all recipients into a single email then those tags would not be available for every contact, but rather only for the client. Many have requested that it work that way and to have only billing contacts receive billing information rather than the client. If there were a way to satisfy both options we would be open to that.