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Version 4.0 - Sub-Account Emails Receive a "Ticket Bounce" email notification

turner2f shared this idea 7 years ago

I just upgraded to the Stable version of Blesta 4.0

Sub-Accounts still cannot send support emails from outside of Blesta.

They still get bounced.


This means that "sub-account" clients will have to always be mindful to login in order to post tickets. Which of course they won't be because that is human-nature.

Unfortunately, we live in a fast-paced world where people are a slave to their own familiar habits of posting tickets from their email clients outside of Blesta.

And even IF they do try to login, they cannot remember their username ( palm slap to the head ) .


Without this function, we have to constantly remind our "sub-account" clients to login to post.

We would "open" up our ticket system for anyone to post, but then it opens us up to the issue of getting spammed.


Please consider adding this to a patch.

So that the process of posting tickets outside of Blesta can be a more seamless one.

Thanks in advance.

Look forward to your reply.

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The bounce for SUB-accounts still occurs in Version 4.0 STABLE

But it happens when the Department Email is set to YES for "Allow only clients to open or reply to tickets"



Super weird, man .

But I DIS-abled all the plugins, then RE-enabled them again.

Now the SUB-Account emails are coming through.


Any idea as to why doing this worked ?

Cache Issue ?

Look forward to your reply.


Not sure what this issue was, but this site is not really the right place for bug reports, so I'm going to close this topic.