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Send invoices to multiple email recipients

S.H. shared this idea 5 years ago
In Progress

In Blesta we can only deliver invoices to one email recipient at a time, I would like to request the ability to deliver invoices to multiple email recipients with the standardized syntax of using a comma or semicolon to separate each email recipient.

There are two places for this this feature should be implemented:

  1. On the client page, when selecting invoices to manually deliver via email you have the opportunity to edit/enter the email address of the recipient before clicking the submit button. This function should allow you to enter multiple email addresses instead of just one.
  2. On the edit/modify client page, there is a field called Email which is used to login so it's understandable why this field should only hold a single email address. However I would like to suggest that another field called "Email Invoices To" be added under the "Billing Information" section just below or to the right of the existing field named "Address Invoices To". This new field should be able to accept multiple email addresses separated by comma or semicolon.

The reasons for wanting this mainly has to do with the organizational structure of client companies where they may have multiple employees handling accounts payables or a group email + manager email or a work email + personal email or some other complex setup but the idea is to reduce the probability of invoices not being seen by the customer.

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Yes, this is a must-have feature. Also when you add multiple emails, there should be an option to lookups contacts of the clients.


Not sure I fully understand #2 though. Invoices are sent to all Billing Contacts if they exist. The task above will address manually sending by checking invoices and using the deliver option in the Invoices widget.


Glad to see this being developed, as I mentioned this previously: