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Bank Deposit

David Work shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

Ability to record payments and to report them on a bank deposit report. The deposit process would be: generate an invoice; record a payment (generally a manual check); pull up the deposit report, which shows all undeposited payments (a flag on the payment indicates deposited or not); print the report - or generate json/csv, but generating a print-ready report would be better; finally, approve the deposit, which sets the payment's deposit flag. I created a custom report in WHMCS for this purpose, but I have to give it a date range since there's no deposit flag. The report would be very simple: A header (so I can provide my bank account info - name and account #), transaction details (date of deposit, account name, check#, and amount), and deposit total. Ideally, the deposit report would be saved and be accessible for revision/correction (i.e. a check wasn't signed, so the bank rejected it). If the deposit report could be extended to credit cards, then it would be nice to add a field for fees - so the deposit would be the net of customer payment less fees.