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Average ticket response time

Sebastian shared this idea 2 months ago

It would be very nice to get tracking on response times to tickets.


client 1 opens a ticket at 12:00, sales department responds by 12:15

=> 15 minute response time.

client 1 opens another ticket at 16:30, sales responds by 16:35

=> 5 minute response time

client 1 updates ticket 1 at 17:00, sales responds by 17:30

=> 30 minute response time

so math: (15+5+30 ) / 3 = 16 minute average response time.

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I spoke about this to Paul ages ago I'd love to see it :D

And I believe linked to:


Agreed would be brilliant feature to have. Reassuring clients that we are quick typically speaking but should a ticket takes longer then they sure to understand it just the complexity of the ticket, time of day, etc.