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Add Support Ticket Notifications

Planned Jason R. Plugins Comments: 10 Reply 10 months ago by Jonathan R.
23 votes

Support Manager - Interface Upgrade Suggestions

Under Consideration turner2f Staff Interface Comments: 1 Reply 3 years ago by Suhesh
5 votes

Allow 'Additional Contacts' to Open & Reply to Support Tickets

Under Consideration Matt M. Support Manager Comments: 1 Reply 3 months ago by Sebastian
4 votes

Option to re-assign ticket client and other proposions.

Already Possible John Support Manager Comments: 6 Reply 10 months ago by Paul P.
4 votes

Sale and Billing separate email templates and functions.

Under Consideration Brent D. 3 years ago Plugins No Comments
3 votes

Set "Assigned to" automatically to the last agent which replied

Under Consideration Emil C. 2 years ago Plugins No Comments
2 votes

Slack Intrgration

Planned John Events / Hooks Comments: 1 Reply 11 months ago by Paul P.
2 votes

Search Funnel - Please add Departments and Dates as filters

Under Consideration turner2f 8 months ago Events / Hooks No Comments
1 vote