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Support Manager - Interface Upgrade Suggestions

turner2f shared this idea 7 years ago
Under Consideration

Prior to Blesta 4.0 Stable there was a plugin by Paulo V. called Support Manager Pro. In Blesta v 4.0 Stable it no longer works.

Please consider updating the Blesta Core Support Manager with the following user-friendly, intuitive interface.


  • Main Tickets called "From/To" that display the Name/Link of the Ticket client, to easy access.

  • Merge any tickets, and not only tickets assigned to a client

  • On "Reply/View" a ticket the "Notes" are displayed in full yellow and not only the title to easy see what are notes.

  • On "Reply/View" all the "Logs" and "Client Replies" are displayed with the title in "Grey" and not "Blue" to easy see the "Staff Replies
  • On "Reply/View" all the space between entries where reduced to optimize space in all replies/logs/notes
  • When a client name is in "Red" it is not a Registered Client, when it is "Green" the client already exists.

  • The ability to ACTUALLY DELETE a ticket from the the database, instead of allocating it as "closed"






The ability to have the client tickets displayed on the client's dashboard.



Need a side-navigation bar where the tickets can be compartmentalized and filtered for user-friendliness.

"Open", "Awaiting Reply". "In Progress", "Closed", "Spam" and "Trash"


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Any option to attach a pdf file while creating an invoice manually ? Any option to show all notes added under a ticket to show up in top and not in between ?Any option to open a ticket if the customer is not registered with us like a sales cleint so that we can open a ticket with a possible client ? Any option to show the services and select the service which they are opening the ticket in relation like there is similar one in WHMCS for Support manager ?


You must install the hardware support manager appliance on a host with enough memory, storage, and processing power regardless of the hardware vendor. OVF or OVA templates are typically used to distribute hardware support manager appliances. On any host in any vCenter Server server, you can deploy them.

After deployment, the appliance virtual machine must be powered on and registered as a vCenter Server extension. The appliance may require you to log in as an administrator. One or more vCenter Server systems may accept registrations from each hardware support manager.

After you deploy a hardware support manager appliance, a vCenter Server plug-in user interface might become accessible in the vSphere Client, but the hardware support manager might also have a unique user interface of its own. For instance, the vCenter Server plug-in user interface for OMIVV, iLO Amplifier, and Lenovo xClarity Integrator for VMware vCenter all assist you in configuring and interacting with the corresponding hardware support manager.

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When creating an invoice manually and attaching a PDF file, start by drafting the invoice using your preferred software or template. Include all necessary details, such as the recipient's information, an itemized list of products or services, quantities, prices, and the total amount due. Once the invoice is complete, save it as a PDF file. Most invoicing software and word processing programs can save or export documents in PDF format. This ensures that the layout and formatting remain consistent across different devices and platforms. Open your email client or invoicing platform after saving the invoice as a PDF. Locate the option to attach files, usually represented by a paperclip icon or a button labeled "Attach" or "Add Attachment." Click on the attachment option and navigate to the folder where you saved the invoice PDF. Select the PDF file and click "Open" or "Attach" to include it with your email or invoice. Double-check that the PDF attachment is included and review the invoice for accuracy. Once satisfied, send the invoice and the attached PDF file to the recipient's email address or through your invoicing platform.

By following these steps, you can easily attach a PDF file while creating an invoice manually, ensuring that the recipient receives a professional and well-documented invoice.

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