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Set "Assigned to" automatically to the last agent which replied

Atypical6740 shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

The feature request is for the "Support Manager" plugin in Blesta. There should be an option which admins could enable so that tickets updated by agents have their "Assigned To" field set to the latest agent which replied.

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This should be configurable by the support manager .... some companies want the first rep who responded to "own" the ticket and always be the person assigned, to ensure the customer is getting uniform care - even if other colleagues are updating the ticket.

Other companies want the owner to roll with whomever last dipped their fingers into the ticket.

Here, we like to ensure that the customer has someone taking responsibility for the overall ticket so if you picked it up originally, it's your baby to ensure the customer gets a resolution as quickly as possible. If you have to pass the torch then it's a conscious thing where the ticket and responsibility is handed over.

So in short ... we'd like to see an option where the first person to reply is automatically assigned. Others want whomever replies to be autoassigned each time ... and that needs to be configurable in the support manager settings.