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Dns Hosting Modules+Managed Dns Templates

Md.Mahmudul Hasan Tuhin shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Admin Area Features:

✔ Define DNS Servers

✔ Define Packages

✔ View And Edit Existing Zones

✔ Migrate Zones Between Chosen Servers

✔ Import Zones From Chosen Server

✔ Define DNS Records Set

✔ Set Up Automated Tasks And Execution Time

✔ Select Default Client Area Template

✔ Allow To Create PTR Record Without DNS Zone

✔ Toggle Administrator Notifications And Choose Who Send Them To

✔ Modify Notifications Email Templates

✔ Define Logs And Notifications Settings

✔ View Details And Notifications Related To Zones And Servers Load

✔ View Information About Automated Tasks

✔ View Scheduled Tasks Progress

✔ Display Usage Of DNS Servers

✔ View Email Notifications Statistics

✔ View Logs

Client Area Features:

✔ View List Of Owned Packages

✔ Add And Manage New Zones Within Package Limit

✔ Add And Manage Zones Records Within Records Limits

✔ Add And Manage PTR Records Without DNS Zone

✔ Toggle DNSSEC For Zone

✔ View DNSSEC Details Of Zone

✔ Restore Zone From DNS Records Set

✔ View Zones Limit Per Package

✔ View DNS Records Limits Per Zone

Automation Features:

✔ Provision Packages

✔ Migrate Zones

✔ Import Zones

✔ Clear Unused Zones

✔ Clear Logs

Server Settings:

✔ Allow rDNS

✔ Enable DNSSEC

✔ Allow Multiple PTR

✔ Use Cache To Optimize Loading Time

✔ Define Nameservers

Package Settings:

✔ Define Zones Limit Per Package

✔ Define Items (Products/Domains/Products Addons) Purchase Of Which Results In Receiving Package

✔ Define If Single Instance Of Package Should Be Assigned To Each Client

✔ Define Servers Used By Package

✔ Define Allowed Record Types

✔ Define Total Records Limit

✔ Define Record Limits Per Type

✔ Define Automation Settings For Creating First Zone

✔ Assign Default DNS Records Set

✔ Allow Client To Restore Zone Using Chosen DNS Records Sets

✔ Introduce DNS Management Functionality If Domain Registrar Does Not Support It By Default

✔ Toggle Client And Administrator Notifications

Supported DNS Servers:

✔ cPanel & cPanel DNSOnly

✔ Freenom

✔ OpenSRS

✔ Rackspace

✔ CloudFlare

Supported DNS Record Types:

✔ A





✔ DS




✔ MB

✔ MD

✔ MF

✔ MG


✔ MR

✔ MX


✔ NS


✔ RP





✔ X25