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Package With multiple module

Md.Mahmudul Hasan Tuhin shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

If We use Same package Plesk & cPanel Same Package. Like Old users using cpanel. We can change it Plesk.Its need to Change From package.Also cpanel users can managed their hosting With Blesta.We need change module when We need. Both modules will works fine. If Shared Hosting Active with Cpanel Then new order goes with cpanel. or If Shared Hosting Active with plesk modules.New order with plesk. We need to change option Package with modules. Like We are using Namesilo Now Later we move Logicboxes Then Old Namesilo Customer can manager their Domains via Blesta and new customer mangeer their domain Logicboxes via ISPmanager.

"The module cannot be changed because there are one or more services already using this package."

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Goal: When We change Domain Register or other server same packages We need Old customers manager their Domain Hosting smoothly Even we can Back start using Old Domain Registers or modules too.