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Packages: None module improvements

Demetris Demetriou shared this idea 3 years ago

Now that 4.1 is here, we can finally start adding services that do not require a module :-)

There are a couple of issues though, package configurable options are missing a textbox selection in the "Type" menu when creating the package option and we have to manually cancel created services (since there is no point in keeping them in the client's active tab, since it is a one time payment).

Let me demonstrate with an example:

We provide network setup services. The services needs to be added as a one time payment, and the service does not need to clog up the active services tab. A network maintenance service, yes it can stay in active tab, since it is an active service for the client after all (like keeping a router up to date), but a one-time setup (like installing and configuring a router) does NOT need to stay in the active tab. Doing that for more than a single client site (since we have clients that have multiple sites) and we quickly get to the confusion of "which site did the client pay for?". We worked around this by using the general module and creating a label field, but would **appreciate** a way out of that.

What I propose:

1) Add a way to set the package label when using the "None" module. It should not require extra payment fields.

2) Add a checkbox to indicate that this is a one-time payment, one-time usage service.

3) Add a service status of "One-time"

4) If the package meets number 2 above, automatically move the service to "One-time" status upon receipt of payment.

Thank you,

Demetris Demetriou

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We've added text type config options. As for the rest, this is not the way to accomplish what you're looking for. We've been considering how to add truly products without services.


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