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IP Asset Management (IPAM) Module

Jon Morby shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

One of the base requirements for any service/virtual server being provisioned is that it has IP addresses. Currently, these are defined by hand when you create a package - which doesn't scale particularly well.

With most hosting panels, they seem to try and shoehorn IPAM into a part of a subset module, so you end up having to manage multiple IPAM configurations (mixed between web, vps, etc, etc)

Wouldn't it be great if there was a central IPAM database which supported both v4 and v6, where we could tag ranges (as small as a single IP address and as large as we liked) to be available from a "pool" for other modules to claim an IP address from (and then return the IP address to upon service termination). This could also integrate into a centralised DNS manager for reverse DNS configs and more. (PowerDNS++)

We would need to be able to list multiple sources of IP blocks (be it ARIN/RIPE/etc or Vultr/Digital Ocean/Fido/etc) each with their own (potentially) registry details (I'm thinking reverse DNS delegation for one, but also perhaps updating contacts such as abuse, etc)

The ability to integrate into packages for pricing would also be beneficial (although some registrars, such as RIPE, prohibit charging for IP rental)