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Late Fee - Need This ASAP

Larry braziel shared this idea 2 years ago

We need the option of a 'Late Fee' added into Blesta. This was requested and discussed on the forums a long time ago and you said that you would add it. However to date, it has NOT been added.

We need the option of automatic late fees on invoices that become past due. We are a IT solutions company who does web hosting and other types of IT solutions, like managed services, etc which are billed monthly.

If a client doesn't pay their bill, then a late fee get's added. We should have the option of setting the late fee based on a percentage or as a dollar amount or both.

WHMCS has it setup like this and I would like to see the same with Blesta:

Late Fee TypePercentage Fixed AmountLate Fee Amount Enter the amount (percentage or monetary value) to apply to late invoices (set to 0 to disable)Late Fee Minimum Enter the minimum amount to charge in cases where the calculated late fee falls below this figure

I would like to see this added in the next release as we have needed it for a LONG time as well as everyone else has as well.


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Not sure it will be in 4.0.0 but it would be nice to have.


Are you proposing a single tiered late fee, either a % or amount, and a minimum amount? Assume that you would select how many days past due the late fee should be assessed? Is a single tier late fee sufficient, or should we consider additional late fees over time?

Do you want to see this as a Package option, or a global, company setting? If it's defined on a Package, then each service could have a different late fee, but it wouldn't apply to manual invoices. If a company setting, it would apply to all invoices, regardless of whether they resulted from a renewing service or were manually created.


Hi Paul,

To answer your question, yes. A single tiered late fee, as either a % or a certain amount and also a minimum amount.

Yes, a single late fee is sufficient. The late fee should be able to be set based on how long it's been that the invoice hasn't been paid. So yes, the date should be customizable, ie. After 1 day, etc. User should be able to type in the number of days.

Probably set this as a 'company' setting, as some people may have different companies and may have different late fees based on each of their companies.

We need to be able to have this set on both automated invoices and also manual invoices. So if the invoice is past the due date by x amount of days, then the late fee is set. So for instance if a invoice is due today and is not paid today by the due date, then we can have the late fee automatically added at midnight, if the invoice is still unpaid. So let's probably set this as a company setting.




Is this being considered for a Patch in Version 4.0 ?