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Prevent Orders From Clients With Due Balance

Aleksa Djordjic shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

An option to prevent orders from clients that have a due balance would be nice - Especially for people that have a late fee system in place.

If a client purchases something and ends up having a late fee, I don't want them ordering more stuff and ignoring their late fee.

Also, this could prevent clients from making multiple spam orders without paying for them - There should also maybe be an "unpaid order limit" of sorts?

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A balance due or an overdue balance? If we added this, it would be an order setting and would need to present a message to someone who has an overdue balance. I say overdue, because if a client has invoices open that are unpaid, but they are not due yet, then they are not behind on anything and I don't think we'd want to prevent them from ordering.


Hmm, yeah, perhaps overdue might be better... ooooor an option to select how close to overdue?

So maybe a dropdown prevents orders if overdue in x days, and you can set it to 0 days to only prevent if there are currently overdue, or set an x day for soon-to-be overdue.

Or a simple choice between "has open invoices" or "has overdue balance".

In my mind the more options it has, the better and more universal it is.

I'd assume some people might wanna lock more expensive or longer-term order forms (like let's say dedicated servers, domains, etc.) even before they are overdue, even when there's just an open invoice, while some cheaper services would be fine to get purchased even if there are open (but not overdue) invoices, and block only when they go overdue.

Just my take on it, I'd appreciate the selection between open invoices vs overdue balance on a per order form level.