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Allow client to cancel order, And Remind for unpaid order

Mohamed Anouar Achoukhy shared this idea 3 years ago

it would be nice to add option for clients to cancel their pending orders (the whole order and not some services) .

this maybe need to make change in the order plugin to inject a client

widget with their pending order, and add a button to cancel that order .

normally this can be done with a custom plugin , but the time we have is almost full .

a email reminder for client to pay their order will be also a nice feature .


See CORE-2295

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I'm going to mark this as Planned due to however it does not include a reminder email for unpaid orders. I like the idea, but it should be a separate task. How do you expect this to work?

  • New Order Email Template called something like "Order Reminder"
  • Order Setting (Packages > Order Forms > Settings tab) for "Unpaid Order Reminder Email" Dropdown, select Never, 15/30 minutes, 1/6/12/24/48/72 hrs.?


Please complete your order today.

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It looks like this has been completed for Blesta 4.11