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"Awaiting Client Reply" ticket status shouldstill be considered as "Open"

turner2f shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

"Awaiting Client Reply" ticket status should still be considered as "Open".

Currently, a ticket is considered as officially "Closed" if it has a status of "Awaiting Client Reply".

- This affects the "Open" and "Closed" status tabs

- This ALSO affects the "Client Cards"


A status of "Awaiting Client Reply" should mean that the client and the administrator are STILL having an open dialogue.

That the matter is NOT officially closed.


Please consider adjusting this in an update.

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This is a SERIOUS issue if that how it behaves. No wonder why this client might be not thrilled of the ticketing system and emailed me personally as a result. :(

I hope this get all sorted so clients may be more aware that their tickets are indeed in an "open" state even to the billing software.