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Add support for having no default country

Michael Hohl shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

I understand that it makes sense to set a default country and preselect this one if your business is mostly active in one region. For example, if your focus area is the US, I get it that preselecting "United States of America" in the country field is a reasonable choice. But, image a provider which runs multiple data centers all over Europe. How would I pick a default country?

As long as GeoIP guesses the country of the customer, its correctly selected anyhow. But some forms in Blesta don't use GeoIP or GeoIP support might just not be enabled, then I would prefer a blank field (maybe empty or "---") as preselection then any (most probably wrong) preselecting.

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What are some areas that do not auto select the country based on GeoIP that you'd like to see this implemented for? Is this strictly an admin creating a new client or contact themselves, where GeoIP would resolve to the admin and not the client?


Hi Paul, thanks for looking at my request. When I sign in as a client, have open invoices, but no credit cards configured and click on the "Pay" button, the country isn't preselected. Everywhere else its preselected as far as I could see (for the client, I don't think it matters much for the admins).