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Disable $0 invoice for free products and services

Under Consideration fossxplorer Billing Comments: 2 Reply 1 day ago by Paul P.
1 vote

Edit Services Dates from Clients

Planned Tobias Comments: 2 Reply 1 day ago by Paul P.
1 vote

eWay Merchant update

Under Consideration Michael 1 month ago Payment Gateways No Comments
1 vote

Registrar TLD & Pricing Sync

Under Consideration Md.Mahmudul H. Domains Comments: 4 Reply 4 days ago by Jeffric P.
6 votes

Recording system

Under Consideration Nejdet B. Client Interface Comments: 6 Reply 4 weeks ago by Michael
1 vote

Social Login

Under Consideration Emil C. Plugins Comments: 1 Reply 1 week ago by Justin
5 votes

OpenGamePanel Support.

Under Consideration Whogivsachit Comments: 8 Reply 3 days ago by Alexander G.
14 votes

Kloxo-MR module

Under Consideration fossxplorer Comments: 4 Reply 1 year ago by Randy B.
4 votes

Specific Theme Preview without activation

Planned Armand Client Interface Comments: 1 Reply 1 month ago by Paul P.
4 votes

Bulk Domain Management

Under Consideration Eddris K. Domains Comments: 1 Reply 9 months ago by Md.Mahmudul H.
4 votes

EPP Module (official)

Under Consideration Sebastian Modules Comments: 1 Reply 3 weeks ago by Byron
5 votes

Automated update in One-Click like Wordpress.

Planned Md.Mahmudul H. Automation Comments: 2 Reply 2 months ago by Michael
24 votes

more options for navigation links

Completed Mohamed A. Plugins Comments: 4 Reply 3 weeks ago by Paul P.
7 votes

Email template preview

Under Consideration Chris J. 1 month ago No Comments
5 votes

VIES Check and VAT Rate update support

Completed Emanuele V. Billing Comments: 4 Reply 1 month ago by Paul P.
7 votes
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