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Affiliate System - ADD PayOUT Report/Reciets

Under Consideration Sebastian Comments: 5 Reply 1 week ago by victor c.
2 votes

Paypal Billing Agreements

Under Consideration Md.Mahmudul H. Billing Comments: 6 Reply 6 days ago by Mike
30 votes

DNS Manager For Blesta

Under Consideration Md.Mahmudul H. Domains Comments: 13 Reply 4 days ago by Danny
16 votes

Add affiliate to order that was placed

Under Consideration victor c. Modules Comments: 1 Reply 1 week ago by Alento
4 votes

Add MercadoPago - payment gateway

Planned GabrielG Billing Comments: 2 Reply 5 days ago by Paul P.
3 votes

SVG support for invoices

Under Consideration Mario M. 1 day ago No Comments
3 votes

Sort Pricing on Order Forms

Planned Sebastian Comments: 3 Reply 1 week ago by Paul P.
2 votes

Stripe ACH payments

Under Consideration Alento Payment Gateways Comments: 1 Reply 1 week ago by victor c.
5 votes

PayPal overview widget

Under Consideration Danny 4 days ago Plugins No Comments
2 votes

Reassign Services from one user to another

Under Consideration Sebastian Comments: 2 Reply 3 weeks ago by Sebastian
3 votes

Copy/clone configurable options

Planned Tim E. Billing Comments: 1 Reply 2 weeks ago by Paul P.
3 votes

Remove payza

Under Consideration Michael 1 week ago Payment Gateways No Comments
3 votes

Breaking News Plugin (Display Newsitem to Customers)

Under Consideration Sebastian 4 days ago No Comments
2 votes


Under Consideration Gino O. Payment Gateways Comments: 1 Reply 1 week ago by 040 P.
6 votes
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