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Adding SSO to the login link with CWP Module

Benjamin Biswas shared this idea 1 week ago
Under Consideration

Hi, there kindly add SSO to the login link of the CWP module. Right now, it's only redirects to the login page & user need to input user id & password. However, having an auto login feature will be great.

Another issue has with hostname field: If I use IP address for hostname & when user or admin click "Login" then it's forward to IPaddress:2083 & a big SSL warning that is not good practice to forward the client for login. However, If i use my server actual hostname for cwp module hostname section then login url working fine, i mean no SSL issue but then the CWP server getting issue because the module create the domain DNS based on the given hostname & for this reason CWP server DNS stop working.

So, fixing these 2 issues will make the module perfectly working with Blesta.

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Strongly Agreed with this feature request. Hope that Hostmaster will consider this :)