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Need a C-Panel Login link inside the Client "C-Panel Manage" area

turner2f shared this idea 4 years ago

We need a C-Panel Login link inside the Client "C-Panel Manage" area.


Not everyone will know to click on the web name found the "Services" area to open the toggled box that contains the “Login” link.

We were wanting to use "C-Panel Extended", but at the moment it appears to have some security issues

We already tried implementing it into the "C-Panel Manage" interface, but could not get the "login" link to work.


As a solution, please consider adding the C-Panel " login " link within the client's "C-Panel Manage " interface .

This way the clients can more easily find the C-Panel " login " link .

- Thank you.

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also make it using SSO instead of login/password .


Good idea. This would likely be part of a cPanel module overhaul to add extended functionality. I like the SSO recommendation as well, we shouldn't have to have the correct password to authenticate the user.


Or maybe just add a Tool Tip via a rollover so the client knows to click the bar.

Please see an UPDATED screenshot at . . .