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Add an SSO powered C-Panel login link to the "Manage" area for client front-end

turner2f shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Please add an SSO powered login link to the "Manage" area for the client front-end .

Currently a person has to FIND the "cPanel Login" by clicking the cPanel service row to expand the section.

As a client, I would not know to click on the bar that is listing my package/service so that it dynamically un-folds to see a "log-in" link .


Please add a "C-Panel Login" link within the left-navigation of the " manage " area for the client front-end interface.

It is more likely to be found in that area since it is more obvious ( IMO ) .

Thanks in advance.

PS - To see an example screenshot please go to . . .

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A " + " and a " - " sign would be great for identifying the accordian as being clickable for expanding / contracting

This would be great for BOTH Desktop and Mobile versions of the interface.

Hopefully it will make its way into a future update.


Dis you find any solution for this?

Here is my request: