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Read status on tickets

Chris shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

Display whether a client has seen the ticket - Unsure how that'd be done with emails, Maybe add a pixel?

Essentially so we can see a message has been received and read by a client

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A pixel would be unreliable, most mail clients block loading of remote images.. but I am not opposed to the idea. It may be helpful to see when the client last read the ticket in the UI or via email if they accept the pixel. I imagine we would display this status somewhere in the ticket.


I would suggest tracking the users view of the ticket (non mail(client-ui)and then adding the option to transition to a specific status. With mail, i would just treat that as "unseen". Right now blesta can track last online. And i suspect every time a ticket is viewed in the "support-manager" you could do a comparision if $reply_id was seen before by $client => if not just add a tracking entry)