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Pro Rata for all payment periods

Aleksa Djordjic shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

At the moment, Pro Rata says that its applied only on monthly and yearly periods (

When a service with a different period is selected, it will be pro rated to the next month, which is fine in some cases, but for services that are really cheap, this can make them quite unprofitable in that first month.

I got a 4.68 GBP/year service pro rated to the next month for 0.35 GBP, which all goes to payment processing fees... (

It would be nice if the services can be pro rated based on their selected payment period.

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I wonder if you set the cut off date to 1 will that fix your issue?


Yup, that kind of "fixes" it, but wouldn't then anyone ordering on the 1st of each month be able to still purchase with just 0.35GBP

I've tried setting it to "None" thinking it might always pro rate ahead, nope, still offers the same.