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Block a single client from using a certain payment method

Cam Gullo shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Ability to block a single customer from using a certain payment method. For example, A client pending credit card verification.

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So by default all clients can use any payment method, unless you specifically block access on a client by client basis to specific gateways?

Thinking about this for a moment, I think it might make sense to do this on the Client Group level. By default, the Client Group would allow "Any" payment gateways to be used. Or, you can select which to allow. For example:

( ) Any

(*) Specific List

[x] PayPal Payments Standard

[x] BitPay

[x] (OR simply say "Credit Cards" for any Merchant gateways as only 1 per currency can be enabled)

Would that work in your case? You'd create a new client group, allow only the gateways you want, and assign the customer to that client group.


Yes, That would also work.

Specifically my use case is to stop a client from placing an order using a credit card to force the client to verify their credit card.



the client group basis setting will open other issue.

let say i want only to disable a payment for certain X clients that mayeb they will be in defirent groups and i don't want to touch other client group.

i think we should add more criteria, like countries, client basis, packages.

i know a similar plugin in WHMxx that do this via hooks, but whmxx has a event that blesta hans't it, it has a hook in getall() for nonmarchent or marchant gateways, the function send the returned list to the hooks, then if the the hook return the list it will be showed if not the original list well be showed .