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allow staff to add a grace period to service/invoice due

Sebastian shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

Just ran into an interesting usecase...


- Blesta is set to auto-suspend unpaid services after 7 days, and cancel after 10

- a Client has an active service and notifies staff via ticket that his payment will not arrive in time (for whatever reason).

- Staff decide to make a one-time exception and add an extra "15 days" of grace period to the service (only for the current month) to ensure the service stays active

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The recommended method is to click the calendar icon on the client's profile page on the left next to the "Auto Suspension" section and set a future date. No services on the client's account will be suspended until after this date. So, if they say they will pay by the 15th at the latest, set the date to the 16th and if they don't pay suspension will not occur until the 16th.