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Billing Setting per Package Group for Automated Discounting Per Payment Term?

Ricky Torres shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

My BIGGEST pet peeve of Blesta (probably every one but Clientex might already have this?) that is configuring pricing per dan term...

Why can't we just have a term's price (say monthly) then allow it auto multiples this applying a discount in a fixated/percentage basis?

For example say we are making the standard....

You would need a price for all 1, 3, 6 and finally a year. That's pulling out the calculator 4 times the amount of packages you have for that group!

Why not have the option to automate this to this instead?

1 Month None

3 Months x%/x Amount

6 Months y%/y Amount

1 Year z%/z Amount

Then for EVERY package you made in that group you let it do the math and inputting for you all automatically. Much like LIVE editing a Excel/Spread Sheet on the computer?