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Messenger system improvements

Chris shared this idea 10 months ago
Under Consideration

Update the messenger system to support 2-way SMS, and the support manager to allow creation/update of tickets via SMS

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Thank you for this dynamic discussion about our messenger system improvements. I agree with many of the points raised and see tremendous potential for further enhancements in this area. We always strive to make communication among members as seamless as possible, and your feedback is critical in achieving this objective. One feature that I've been thinking about recently is a keyword search or tagging system. Let me illustrate this with a potentially unfamiliar term <a href=>rejuvenate roofing</a>. As we all know, roofing is a subject that requires a lot of specialized knowledge. From materials used, the architecture, to the maintenance requirements - there's a ton to understand. Hence, users looking for advice or services about rejuvenating their roofs might face a bit of difficulty if the relevant conversations are scattered across different threads or buried under unrelated posts.