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Coupon System Improvements

Gecko shared this idea 5 months ago
Under Consideration

Buttons on main page

- Duplicate Coupon Codes

- Expire a coupon code immediately

- Ability to show all coupons, active coupons or expired coupons

- Search coupon codes

- Filter Button (Discount value/percentage, max usage, start/end dates)

- Ability to let a coupon code renew for a set number of times (or unlimited) , without having to make the coupon code redeemable the whole time

- Ability to let a coupon code not have an end date (ie until manually expired)

- Apply to only one service per order

- Apply to only one service per client (and thus per order)

- New signups only (no previous orders)

- Existing Client (ie active service)

- Allow the discount to apply for product upgrades/downgrades

- Admin notes section

Some of these are likely duplicated of older suggestions, but I have put all of my coupon requests in one place.

Comments (2)


Would also be nice to be able to assign a specific coupon code to an affiliate, so that any orders using that coupon code are counted towards their balance (however not as a click)


Excellent ideas for the improvement.