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Blesta - New user & admin interface

Muhammad Hamza shared this idea 1 week ago
Under Consideration


It would be great for Blesta to work on a completely new interface for users, as it seems outdated. (Not my personal view, but lot of people have been saying this for a long time now). Most of the time, people are usually impressed with the front end, so that is something that Blesta should consider.

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I like the current admin interface, though if the team is up for doing a new client interface, would be nice.


Definitely time for User interface upgrade. Will for sure with stand competition around Blesta.


Front end use interface is very important, as clients who use it base their impression this exact factor.


The Admin side of things is fine for most tasks. Looking at other solutions i'm quite happy with it.

Instead of trying to improve the theme or general layout, the dev's should focus on the client side of things.

Things that are worth improving

- Filters for searches (admin side)

- Frequently used Items should be their own menu entries by default. (Ie: I dont change my billing settings much, but i add coupons frequently. Yet other billing options are featured more prominently. maybe an extra button or so?)

Non Admin things

- Universal module add http-return data channel (so we can not only send data somewhere but also parse data on the way back)

- ......


The client portal, order page & knowledgebase can use some improvements too. Currently, it looks from the 2000s