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Support Plugin: Designate Primary Account Holder

Jason Ryan shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hey guys -

Would be nice if there was a feature to select who the "Primary Contact" is on an account if there are more then one contact. There are many different scenarios where this would be helpful and for brevity sake here is one:

Client X - Account created with this client

Client Y - Added as Support Contact

Client Z - Added as Billing Contact

Over time Client X leaves the company and Client Y assumes the responsibility over the account and needs to become the Primary Account Holder.

If there was a checkbox to select "Make Primary Account" to where you can select this option in the Contact Edit screen, that would make it incredibly easy to swap accounts around rather then having to delete contacts, fields, and manually re-entering information or creating a whole new account entirely.

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Please implement.


Need this more than ever guys, its been 5 years since I posted this. This is a huge pain for us.