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Ability to Designate who Received Paid Invoices

Jason Ryan shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

Hello -

Again, need an additional option to customize what contacts on an account gets what emails. A lot of the time, primary account holders may be the "owner" but do not wish to receive all correspondence. e.g. Invoices, Ticket Responses, Paid Receipts, etc. We have a few clients who designate either someone they have in-house to submit support tickets or receive invoices, or they may have a 3rd Party Vendor (e.g. bookkeeper) to handling all of their payment processing.

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Bumping this one again too. Too many complaints over the years about this and its getting worse as we get more clients on board.


I would love to have this feature, have customers who have dedicated accounting teams and need invoices specifically sent to them. Would be a wonderful feature.