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Support for Teamspeak Servers

Bruno Carvalho shared this idea 6 years ago

Hello folks.

You should have a module for native Teamspeak 3 servers provision and control.

(Without TCAdmin)

For those that don't want to use TCAdmin or simply want to link Teamspeak directly to Blesta, that will be perfect.

You can use a PHP class like ts3admin.class for developpment. (This particular is very easy to use and has error handling for better debuging)

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The class looks interesting, but it's released under GPL and not MIT, which may be restrictive.


Strange that you say that.

From the legal point of view, it's the MIT who is restrictive.

The goal is to be fully open-source. Why would you want to restrict/obfuscate code on a module? Unless you want to sell it.

You can have GPL code on MIT, not the other way arround and that is the way to go.