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dedicated server provisioning

Timothy Mcdaniel shared this idea 6 years ago
Under Consideration

would it be possible paul and the other blesta dev's since you are releasing more modules lately that you could make a dedicated server provisioning module as most of what is needed is just a plugin/module to basically control a server using pdu/switch(main brands would be cisco and juniper because I have a juniper switch) to automatically shut off the switch port on suspension and turn the switch port back on when payment is made if the server has been suspended.

as it doesn't need to be as all in one like noc-ps(since for this type the only thing needed at least is the automation to do the billing/suspension/unsuspension side not so the os installation side that noc-ps does.)

I have been trying to do this myself but I have noticed you would likely have to have a plugin/module combo the plugin for running on cron and automatically suspending(turning off switchport)/unsuspending(turning on switchport) and the module mainly just for handling the orders for the servers that the plugin will handle running on cron provisioning(like turning on the switchport after it was turned off from the last customer that had it and either canceled it or it was suspended until the auto cancel plugin in blesta canceled it instead.) and also handling the "events" like onsuspend,etc that the module will trigger the plugin to handle.

I hope I explained this enough as I would do this myself if I knew how to make a plugin from scratch to do this and have the module "talk" to the plugin to handle the "events" of suspending/unsuspending/canceling that the module will tell the plugin to do.

mostly this is a start to have dedicated server provisioning in blesta and this can be expanded on later when it becomes easier to handle doing the os installation later once the ability to do this inside the plugin/module is possible.