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Teamspeak 3 Module

M.Magnan shared this idea 4 years ago

To complete TCAdmin (at this time alpha) and all Suite for GSP, you should add the teamspeak 3 module.

All Feature requested (expected)

- Create, Suspend, Unsuspend, Terminate, Change package (for slot, location, file storage etc)

- Manage ; Start, Stop, Restart, Generate Token for admin or usergroup, manage banlist, snapshot.

We should be able to be independant to any admin panel (like Tcadmin or any). Blesta should handle all admin, client function.

Here's the API. We have a MULTIPLE of manipulation like unlimited stuff.

Cheeerrs !

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ts3admin.class.php is 5k lines, I'm starting to understand what they mean by "There's no unneeded OOP stuff like in other classes." The library should really be broken up. Interesting though, would be nice to have a Teamspeak 3 specific module. Curious what kind of demand there is for this.