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Disable manage and tabs for all services != active

Mohamed Anouar Achoukhy shared this idea 4 years ago

the client can access any service that are in pending status, so i

suggest disabling the manage and the tabs view when services in pending

status .

this behavior is related to all modules in blesta .

the same for service client info expand table

his behavior was also affected the suspended services in the past ,

but it was fixed when auto cancel plugin was released , because the

client was able to remove the cancel set by the plugin, i don't want

wait until release other core plugin that will affect this issues to fix

them .


clients didn't has any control options in the services if is not active .

He only, and only can acces his services if is in Active Status .

discussion thread

Task in jira CORE-2283.

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This has been completed in 4.1.0