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Disable $0 invoice for free products and services

fossxplorer shared this idea 3 months ago
Under Consideration

We need to be able to stop invoicing with the amount of $0 for free products and services.

The $0 can annoy many customers and customer trying out our products and services with a free instance might be annoyed and move away. That is not something we want :)

So an option to NOT INVOICE products and services that are free, i.e $0 invoice, is what we are asking for.


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Make it as an option. For me, a free product or service should be invoiced. Even me as a client, I would like to receive them as proof that the service/product I received is free.


Instead, what about invoicing it but not queuing it for delivery? So there is an invoice, that's marked paid automatically as happens now, but the invoice would not be emailed to the client? Thoughts? I think we would much prefer to do that, then to not invoice it at all.