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Ability to set/modify due date on invoices when creating services

Luis Mendoza shared this idea 1 year ago
Under Consideration

I usually create services, domains and custom invoices for clients (instead of the ordering on a site). For me, setting a custom due date on invoices is very important so I can offer flexibility for my cilents.

It would be very useful to have:

1. The ability to set a custom due date for invoices when manually adding a service to a client from the admin area (not in the client portal).

2. The ability to change due date on invoices that have partial payment applied (from the admin area only).

I usually end up doing it directly on the database.

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Invoices created when a service is added as an admin are due on the same date. Do you just want to push the due date out to a specified time, or do you also want to push the service's renew date out also?


In my case, I just want to push the first invoice's due date to a later date but still provision the service as normal. Also to be able to disable email delivery for that specific invoice (just like when creating custom invoices).

This is because I charge some clients for services + hosting and allow them to pay later or in 2 installments.

I usually edit the invoice manually after creating it, but if I'm not quick enough the cronjob sends it as is.