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Ability to override a class

Nigel K shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration

One of the things I'd like to do is enhance the invoicing system to support different types of payment, like prepaid, current, postpaid billing types.

It would be nice if I could override the Invoices class, and override the functions I need to do this.

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Override a CSS class, or a Blesta class/object? Since Blesta is open, you could make changes to the code on your own.


Blesta class/object, to replace how invoices are generated would be ideal.

Changing the code means we cannot distribute our changes freely (opensource GPL) as it would contain copyrighted content (even a patch needs context, and that context is your code). Inheriting your class and having our own methods means all the code within the file is our own. We can then easily inject events.

If this is a bad idea, then maybe just an event triggered after the invoice line items are created and the DB is updated and before notification, which would allow us to modify everything pertaining to the invoice in the DB before its used.