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Resend/reset user login from staff client page

Daniel Holdaway shared this idea 5 years ago

1) It would be very handy if we were able to click a link in the left-hand menu that would email the client with their login details eg username and URL/link, and a link to reset their password if needed.



Hi [name],

We have received a request for your client area details, please find these below.

Login URL: [client login URL]

Username: [client username/email username]

If you are unsure of your password or you would like to reset it, you can use the below link, the below link is only valid for 24 hours:

[password reset URL]


I am aware they can reset their password with the forgotten password link on the client login page but more often than not it's the username they do not know and by the time they have contacted support they are already unhappy they are struggling to log in normally to pay their bill (even though there is a 'no login required' paynow link). It would be good to be able to quickly send out a 'login' type email. I know we can resend the 'welcome' email from the mail queue but often the password has changed even the username can be different. I know this can be done manually as well it's just an email but we are sending it often enough it would be good if it were built in.

2) Display the customer username on the staff customer page, the only way to know what it is currently is to go in to edit the customer. In the top right of the staff client page it currently reads 'Client #[client number]' I suggest it could be amended to be 'Client #[client number] - Username [username]' or maybe just put it the line below?

While I'm thinking about the staff client page....

3) The list of 'contacts' for a customer, I think it would be nice if we had a mouseover event showing the email address.

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I'll leave this open since it not every part of it has been complete. However a good portion of this is finished. There is now a "forgot username" functionality for clients and admins can send password reset emails from the admin interface


This was completed in Blesta version 4.11