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Random username option for cpanel module.

aldk shared this idea 2 years ago

Right now, cpanel module use first 8 character from domain name as username while provisioning service. A random username option will be better option.

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Its a most for security reasons. Its should be a basic/core feature in the first place.


A predictable username is not a security issue. Usernames are assumed to be known by attackers.

The main reason to update usernames from this predictable pattern is to avoid conflicts with identical usernames being used for different domains, e.g. "" would have the username "mysecret" and so would ""

However, the cPanel module already handles this potential conflict by changing the username prior to creation if it is already taken.

Also, domain accounts typically have their usernames be the first few characters of the domain name, which makes them easier to identify, especially when you have a lot of them.

With all that said, I'm not convinced there has been a compelling argument made to have the automatically generated usernames be randomized instead.