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Modernize the Blesta logo to better represent the vibrant community spirit

VPSgeek shared this idea 1 week ago

as we all know, the Blesta logo is a shining example of design brilliance. i personally take great pleasure in showing it off everywhere I go, at any time of the day. it is the love of my life, dwarfed only by my adoration of the competitor's logo superimposed on various products of the animal kingdom. i especially enjoy using the poop emoji, it never loses its comedic value and can add a touch of warmth and familiarity to every conversation.

but for blesta to truly show its dominance over CHIMPS, i feel that we must do more. we must find a way to truly show off our great and vibrant community which is truly unique in both spirit and wisdom. to that extent, i propose a new, improved version of our great logo:

please upvote this idea to make our voices heard and to see this logo decorate this magnificent product posthaste. thank you! CHIMPS sucks 🐒

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Spoofed submission, not from the authentic vpsgeek. Rejected and an investigation has been started and also concluded. We know who you are.