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Initial Setup wizard

Chris shared this idea 8 months ago
Under Consideration

An initial setup wizard to configure basic things required -

Company details, License Key, Plugins/Modules, packages/order forms - Basically take people through the basics of using Blesta so they get used to using it :)

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interesting, but we're talking about at least somewhat professionals here, not consumers using blesta. i see this as wasted developer time.

to fully make blesta ready to use, you need to click through and go to EVERY SINGLE SETTINGS PAGE anyway, so why do you want a wizard for this?

what would be the task of the wizard? click the pages for you when you hit next? makes no sense to me


I think a basic setup "wizard" might be useful, in terms of selecting internationalization settings, tax settings, regional stuff.. and then include a list of recommended next steps. Install module, payment gateway, create packages, order form, sell!