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Generic Domains Module: Make expiration date editable

Luis Mendoza shared this idea 1 month ago
Under Consideration

As of 5.9.3, if you create a new domain using the domain manager and the generic domains module, the Expiration Date and Renewal date are based on the current date + 1 year and it's not editable.

* With regular registrar modules, those dates are retrieved.

* But with the generic domains module there's no way to do that.

* Currently, renewal date is editable, but Expiration Date is not.

Please make Expiration date editable, when you're importing already existing domains, the expiration date is generally not based in the current date.

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Maybe a solution could be to add a "Manual Add" button next to to the "Check Availability" and "Transfer" buttons in


This could take you to the add page where you can manually input the dates.