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Michał shared this idea 5 years ago
Under Consideration


Do you have a plug-in that will integrate the Blesta panel with the domain registration system?

If not, is it possible to perform such integration? is the most-common system of selling domains and SSL certificates for resellers in Poland. Its API documentation can be found here:

I am also asking for information about the possibility of writing an integrating module that we will pay for.

Regards, Michał.

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There is not currently an integration with that I am aware of. You may want to post this on the Blesta forums to see if others would be interested in this module and also if anyone might be interested in buliding it for you. There are a fair number of third-party developers that have built some great Blesta extensions that might be worth asking.

You could also contact Paul on the forums for more information on having us build the module if you want to go that route.